It's a veritable potpourri today!

Yes, potpourri!  And, yes, I had to look up how to spell "potpourri".  I botched it badly enough at first that Mr. Spell Checker thought I meant "papyri" which is the plural of papyrus.  I don't know as I would be able to work the word papyrus into my blog much less papyri.  Hmmm. OK, now it's a challenge, so watch.


So, I spun a little...

(The Soul Windows colorway by Spunky Eclectic - wool/nylon, 2ply about 220yds from 4 oz.)

Knit a little...

(Ice Queen lace cowl from Knitty.  I still have to block the lace which will stretch it out considerably and make the pattern much more obvious  but I couldn't wait to take a picture of it.  The beads are attached to live stitches as you go with the tiniest crochet hook you'll ever see.   Trying to get the beads on the crochet hook is much like trying to separate sheets of wet papyri -- quite difficult.  (Hey! Did you see me work in "papyri"? I did it! Gold star for me!  Na na na na boo boo.  Every blog worth its weight should occasionally include a good "na na na boo boo".   )

Dyed a little...

(I started to do a little dyeing with Jacquard acid dyes rather than food colors.  Don't panic -- "acid" sounds like I should be wearing some kind of Dr. Frankenstein get-up with beakers bubbling in a lab but anticlimactically,  the "acid" is only white vinegar.  Here's some BFL roving I dyed that I'm just ridiculously pleased with.  Ask my DH, I keep wandering in to the kitchen to watch the roving dry...which actually is more interesting than it sounds.)

And planned a little....

(I dyed the yarn on the left, which despite the picture is much more of a peacock color than blue.  I think this may be my next sock project from Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn

And because we have waited so long for spring, I give you pictures of some of the flowers riotously in bloom in my front garden...

Azaleas, ferns and an way over ambitious clover.

More azaleas.

Even the little primroses are in on the act.

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