Summer Randomness

Have I mentioned that I love summer?  I love having the kids home.  I love the slower pace of the days.  I love more daylight (sunshine has been a bit lacking this summer but I'll certainly take the longer days.)  And I love fresh veg from my garden and the farmers' markets.   So here, in no particular order, are some snapshots of the past week.

Huge, huge excitement -- the kids found Monarch caterpillars among the milkweed on the side of our house.

No summer would be complete without impromptu theatrical performances.

And it's always nice to have neighbors with a visiting relative with a hidden talent for Cirque de Soleil style face painting. 

My garden has been a bit sparse on tomatoes and peppers but, oh, the cucumbers!  We are up to our proverbial armpits in cucumbers (Hmmmm, that sounds distinctly uncomfortable). 

(Please say "Hello" to Fred the Easter Island Head -- he generally hangs out in my garden with the gnome, angel and steel puppy with the spring for a tail,  all keeping my garden an happy place.  Some times he comes in with me and keeps me company while I cook .) 

Some the above, with the addition of a pint of heirloom tomatoes from the farmers' market, became this epitome-of-summer salad.  No one else in the family was interested so I got to eat it all myself!  (Yummmmmm)

And just in case you were wondering what's up in the fiber arena, we have

Singles from Spunky Eclectic July Fiber Club                                And the same in its final 2-ply state.

And I decided I was in the mood for a highly intricate project next so I opted for Druid mittens by Jared Flood. 

In progress with Harrisville Shetland in gold.  I had to add another pattern repeat to accommodate my long fingers.  As I've mentioned before (See my blog entry for 4/23/2209), I often have to make this modification for mittens which always surprises me because I don't think my hands look particularly long in comparison with everyone elses.  I'm sure I'll have to lengthen the thumb as well.  Apparently, my thumbs are longer than everyone elses too.  (?????  I may find that one slightly disturbing.) 

We're going to try to enjoy the last 2 weeks of summer -- hard work that but we'll endeavor to do our best.

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